TEO for Industrial Gas Turbines

The use of Industrial and Marine gas turbines has increased significantly throughout the world in recent years to meet operational flexibility and superior environmental performance requirements.

The most widely-used industrial and marine gas turbines are derived from aero-engines. Such engines have found application in:

  • electrical power generation, especially in remote areas (eg offshore oil platforms) or for peak load management
  • large pumps and compressors, especially in pipeline operation and petro-chemical process industries
  • marine propulsion.

In an aero-engine, essential design features are its size and weight, which results in compact units. Such designs place heavy demands on the engine components and lubricants to ensure total reliability in the high temperatures within the engine.

The land and sea based derivatives of the aero-engines retain the essential design elements of their aviation versions and have similar lubrication requirements. Engine manufacturers therefore approve the use of aircraft synthetic turbine oils in these engines. Only these lubricants have the characteristics required to provide the unit lubrication and cooling within the severe operating environment.

Shell has a full range of AeroShell turbine oils approved by major engine manufacturers for use in their Industrial and Marine derivatives of aero-engines.

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Shell provides full technical service in support of the quality of its products and their performance. This service is carried out by competent technical staff backed up by laboratories and product research/development facilities. The technical staff maintains contact with customers, engine and airframe manufacturers, and accessory equipment manufacturers. The laboratories and product research/development facilities provide services to assist in technical analyses and product development.

Please contact your local Shell Aviation representative for additional information.

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