Piston Engine Aircraft

AeroShell is the most comprehensive and proven product range available, with new products undergoing thousands of hours’ testing. We also offer helpful and authoritative technical support, so it is no wonder that the AeroShell range is used extensively in the aviation lubricants market worldwide. TRUSTED for generations Shell has been a pioneer in aviation fuels […]

TEO for Industrial Gas Turbines

The use of Industrial and Marine gas turbines has increased significantly throughout the world in recent years to meet operational flexibility and superior environmental performance requirements. The most widely-used industrial and marine gas turbines are derived from aero-engines. Such engines have found application in: electrical power generation, especially in remote areas (eg offshore oil platforms) […]


Trusted from the start Shell has been a pioneer in aviation fuels and lubricants for over a century. Generations of pilots have trusted AeroShell products in their aircraft. Engines and oil technology have changed, but our commitment to pilots remains the same, which is why you can trust AeroShell. A Comprehensive range for simplicity and safety The […]

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