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AeroShell is the most comprehensive and proven product range available, with new products undergoing thousands of hours’ testing.

We also offer helpful and authoritative technical support, so it is no wonder that the AeroShell range is used extensively in the aviation lubricants market worldwide.

TRUSTED for generations

Shell has been a pioneer in aviation fuels and lubricants for over a century. Generations of pilots have trusted AeroShell products in their aircraft. The engine and oil technology have changed, but our commitment to pilots remains the same, which is why you can trust AeroShell.


We are constantly working to improve our products for existing-technology engines and working with engine manufacturers to develop new products.

From straight mineral break-in oils to synthetic multigrade oils, we have all the lubricants and fluids you need:

  • AeroShell Piston Engine Oils, including AeroShell Oil W15W-50 for improved operation in temperature extremes, without having to change from summer to winter gradesAeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 and 2 are first oils specifically developed for light sport, very light and ultralight aircraft two- and four-stroke engines. Motorcycle oils are sometimes used in these engines, but motorcycle oil formulations may change without notification to the aviation community and they are not designed for leaded avgas 100LL fuel.

    AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 and 2 are approved by ROTAX.

    AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra is a premium-grade, fully synthetic engine oil for compression-ignition engines burning diesel or jet fuel. It is designed to cope with the higher bearing loads when burning jet fuel and protects against corrosion, sludge and scuffing.

    AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra was formulated along with the engine development programme and is approved by SMA and Thielert.

    More than 40,000 hours of aircraft engine tests have been performed, so that you can have confidence in its performance.

  • AeroShell Greases, including AeroShell Grease 5 for wheel bearings and engine accessories, and AeroShell Grease 6 and 7 for multipurpose airframe applications
  • AeroShell Hydraulic Fluids, including AeroShell Fluid 41 “super-clean” hydraulic fl uid for improved performance
  • AeroShell Preservatives, including AeroShell Fluid 2F corrosion prevention oil for protecting piston engines during short-term storage.

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